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At EFT, our platforms do more than record your data. We take your data, analyze it and provide you with actionable insights you can profit from.

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When your team is driving the insights, results come even faster. EFT has the disruptive analytics and world-class software to help them quickly optimize your operations. Each of our products come with EFT field-tested process engineers. Combine that with your expertise, challenges and data, and there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Over time, our software and coaching will help your subject matter experts develop data science skills.

This advanced analytics, SaaS platform uses machine learning and real-time visualization to provide you with predictive, descriptive and actionable insights.

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Take control of your energy consumption with easy-to-use tools that ingest your energy data to deliver the cost-saving insights you need to optimize your energy use.

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CORTEX™ and Energy Manager have provided real value for hundreds of companies around the world. Let us do the same for you.

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This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re located in Ireland, New York and Kansas – providing predictive analytics, process optimization and energy management solutions for more than 100 blue chip clients all around the globe.