The future calls. We answer.

The future calls. We answer.

For over two decades, EFT Analytics has quietly developed leading-edge software platforms and expanded its customer base to become preferred partners with more than 100 blue chip clients all over the world. To create value. To deliver solutions. To save money. And we’re just getting started. 

A timeline of proven performance.


Founded in Dublin, Ireland, around EFT’s flagship product, Energy Manager.


Opens office in New York to better serve growing customer base.


Prototype developed for EFT’s advanced analytics CORTEX™ platform.


EFT Analytics acquired by Koch based on the proven performance of the CORTEX™ prototype within Koch industrial facilities.


CORTEX goes to market, putting the power of advanced analytics and machine learning in the hands of process engineers.


EFT puts its customers at the forefront of the digital transformation while continually refining products based on their feedback and market need.

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Digital transformation is here. Let’s get to work.

Digital transformation is here. Let’s get to work.

Machine learning. Internet of Things. Industry 4.0. These aren’t fads. They’re the future. Understand it or not, digital transformation is upon us. To meet the future head on, you need a partner to get you up to speed and implement tools that equip your business to lead the way. EFT can be that partner.

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Move directly to the forefront of the digital revolution.

EFT’s disruptive potential lies in our long-term perspective. For more than 20 years, EFT has pioneered putting customer data to work in transformative ways. In an industry defined by constant change and innovation, EFT takes the long-term value creation approach through partnership. EFT constantly reiterates and refines our software platforms based on customer feedback to meet current needs and anticipate tomorrow’s requirements. The future is here. Talk to us. Let’s get there together. 

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Brent Youngers, President
“Every day, we witness the power of putting real-time data insights into the hands of subject matter experts and operators. Their expertise, combined with our analytics technology, enables customers to make better decisions, reduce waste, increase production and make their facilities safer.”

Brent Youngers, President

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