How to Level Up in Analytics: Becoming Proactive With Your Data


Often times when individuals embark on their analytics journey, they have the same question, “this is great information, but what can I do with it?” Or “What can it do for me?”
Well, that’s the difference between being descriptive and prescriptive. By questioning the true usefulness of your data, you’re becoming proactive in making critical decisions for your operations.

Being Reactive vs Becoming Proactive

Standard descriptive analytics enable customers to see what is occurring or what has occurred in some of the most critical processes within their plant. However, these visualizations aren’t driving action on their own – they’re reactive to any failures or sub-optimal conditions that occur within the plant. Sure, they’re able to see when a compressor surges or when a product is off spec, but at the end of the day it’s standard process visualization that requires the process engineer or operator to make a decision on what action would resolve the event.
The real power comes when you can be proactive – taking action to prevent those events from occurring (or depending on the process, causing them to occur).
So how do you become proactive? Prescriptive Analytics take you to the next level. This means these visualizations aren’t just showing you what’s occurring but also providing you recommended actions to apply to your most critical process units. For instance, what if your process engineers and SME’s were able to know what knob to turn when process conditions change? It’s the difference of being able to act quickly and make decisions within minutes – saving engineers hours of time on the plant floor while generating efficiencies that put money in the bank. Boom.


When utilizing analytics to optimize processes within a facility, it’s important to not only focus on what has occurred but to take that data and learn from it. Prescriptive analytics apply the knowledge you get from standard visualizations and deliver actionable insights and recommendations that SME’s can act on in real time.
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How to Level Up in Analytics: Becoming Proactive With Your Data

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