Accept the Challenge

We’re bursting at the seams with mission critical opportunities. Work with industry-leading companies. Have your voice heard. Tackle big problems.

The Road Best Traveled

Our people and culture are just like you, totally unique. We come from vastly diverse backgrounds. We’ve taken our own paths. When there wasn’t a path, we blazed trails. Trails that led us here. Where we find ourselves unified around one mission: to be the best data analytics company on the planet. And we won’t stop until we get there.

Grow With Us

EFT Analytics is growing quickly. And not only do we want you to be a part of it, we want you to be an integral piece. We’re committed to personal, capability and company growth. At EFT, you’ll learn new things and become better every day. Let’s do this together.

Current Open Roles

Front-End Software Developer

The successful candidate must be passionate about customer satisfaction and demonstrated ability to achieve extraordinary results as part of a high-energy and dynamic team. Excellent communication and collaboration skills are required.

Director - Marketing

Creativity. Storytelling. Leadership. These are all skills that are present in the future leader of our marketing group. If this is you, we have a fantastic opportunity that will allow you to channel all of these skills and more in the hot tech space of Advanced Analytics and Optimization!

Sr. Product Owner

Our Product Owner will enable a team solving complex software problems while building a secure, stable, scalable and high-performing platform. They will enjoy the advantages of a company with easy access to a large, internal customer base that accelerates market learning and product adoption.

Project Manager

EFT Analytics is looking for a Project Manager to join our team here in Wichita, KS! Our Project Manager will enable the implementation of cutting-edge technical solutions in problem/optimization solving while working with industrial clients across a broad set of companies. They will have the ability to demonstrate leadership and influence while driving project set to deliver actionable, data-informed insights.

Product Support Engineer

The Product Support Engineer will have the opportunity to be part of a fast-growing technology start-up within a large and stable company. As we rely on automation to scale the software, come join us to experience building tools to monitor & support a distributed scalable software system with multiple moving parts.

Analytics Solution Engineer

This opportunity will allow you to work with industrial clients across a broad set of companies while leveraging our cutting-edge technical solutions in problem solving and optimization.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team to optimize and expand our advanced analytics platform. The successful candidate will be able to enhance and expand machine learning capabilities in the platform.