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Boiler Agglomeration

A facility was experiencing multiple power boiler plugging incidents annually, costing them $18M per event. EFT identified and provided a model that gave them days to weeks advanced notice – allowing them to shut down without incident.

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Condenser Recovery

EFT delivered a summary report identifying variables and variable ranges to improve knockout percentage in a partial condenser unit, resulting in roughly $1M in annual savings. A live dashboard was deployed to further optimize their process in real time.

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Flaring Event

Previous pre-flaring event notification time for a facility was just five minutes. Using existing sensor data, EFT helped deliver 40+ minute notification time and assisted in increasing overall profit while reducing environmental impact for the facility.

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Production Loss and Break Prevention

By starting with 700 data points hourly, EFT identified why this facility’s production significantly dropped over four years. The model EFT created is providing a better solution for the site while also providing the conditions needed to increase overall production.

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Quality Defects

Quality issues within a facility were not detected until after the material had been processed and were often inexplicable in operations. After helping identify key variables tied to these defects, EFT compiled data from multiple sources to predict these quality issues in real time.

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Transfer Breaks

A machine would frequently break when pushing additional throughput – resulting in $1M/month loss. EFT Analytics found a weekly anomaly causing significant breaks saving the facility $12M in wasted production.

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Yield Performance

A manufacturer was experiencing unexplained declines in product quality. EFT improved production by delivering an event notification dashboard interface that created alerts when yield was expected to drop.

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