New Data Shows Significant Savings And Reduced Energy Usage When Using EFT Analytics' Energy Manager Platform

July 25, 2019

WICHITA, Kan. -- EFT Analytics (EFT), a leading provider of predictive analytics, process optimization and energy management solutions, announced today how its innovative Energy Manager platform helped to reduce operational costs by more than $1 million and increased energy efficiency in a yearlong partnership with a major European grocer and clothing retailer. Since onboarding EFT's Energy Manager platform in 2018, 90% of its stores saw up to a 45% reduction in energy consumption. The target for this retailer as a business was to hit a 20% reduction against their 2017 energy usage. These data results represent a global reduction of 5GWH for the retailer.

"The results of this partnership reinforce the value of Energy Manager in helping our customers operate more efficiently, save money, and reduce their energy consumption," said Reuben Keogh, General Manager of EFT. "Use cases like this underscore the important capabilities that EFT and its innovative solutions like Energy Manager bring to customers and their operations across the globe."

EFT's Energy Manager platform allows its customers to make informed business decisions by providing precise, data-driven insights into energy spending, consumption, and productivity. More importantly, Energy Manager is a solution that bridges basic energy monitoring and industry 4.0, ensuring that EFT customers are as successful and profitable as possible in their future operations. EFT recognizes that different customers have different needs and has experimented with different technologies to provide the best solutions for each individual store.

Other industries served by EFT include commercial real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, refining, and automotive. Energy Manager creates value by forecasting energy demand, alerting to anomalous usage, and leveraging analytics to normalize for weather, production rates, and commodity costs. This provides customers with a deeper understanding of what drives energy consumption. Customers are often surprised by the significance of doing simple things that effect their bottom line and energy footprint such as tightening up policies on lighting schedules, updating refrigeration systems or switching to LED lighting. By using EFT's Energy Manager platform, these inefficiencies are easily identifiable. Additionally, EFT can help track overall equipment effectiveness/efficiency.

"At EFT, we work hard to provide the most effective solutions for our customers to realize their full potential. By leveraging data and advanced analytics solutions through capabilities like Energy Manager, we are successfully doing this," added Keogh. "We're excited to continue our important role in this partnership and working with all our customers to better improve their operations, increase their energy efficiency, and ultimately leading to cost savings."

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