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We build and deliver software with your aspirations in mind: data-informed insights derived from your expertise that creates real value.

In This Together

Our analytics products come with our field-tested process engineers. Combine that with your expertise, challenges and data, and there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Over time, our software and coaching will help you develop local, citizen data scientists. When your team is driving the insights, results come even faster. Prefer a pure SaaS offering without the consulting services? Our stand-alone SaaS platform might be the best solution to meet your needs.

Energy Manager

Real-time insights powered by reliability, compatibility and robust data.

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Advanced Analytics

Turning disparate data into industrial intelligence.

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Start a Powerful Partnership

EFT recently teamed up with Koch-Glitsch, a leader in hydrocarbon processing. Our robust analytics platform has already provided real value for the company and their operations. Let us do the same for you.