Advanced Analytics

With innovations like clean emissions technology, autonomous vehicles, and the connected car becoming reality, the pace of change in the automotive industry is staggering. Consumers are demanding their cars and trucks respond more intuitively and have less of an environmental impact. In response, OEMs are bringing new models to market and adding pressure on their supply chain partners to keep up. More than ever, the partnership between OEM and supply chain partner relies on quality, on-time delivery, innovation and cost competitiveness. That's where EFT can assist both OEMs and automotive supply chain partners.

With over 20 years of industrial process experience, EFT Analytics is a proven entity within the industry. We supply energy management analytics to some of the largest global OEMs and help assemble component parts into finished vehicles efficiently by reducing downtime on key assets.

For supply chain partners, EFT Analytics can assist all the way from the R&D lab into full-scale production. We will work with your teams to reduce scrap, improve yield, maximize uptime on critical assets, and resolve anomalies in your production process. We understand that your relationships with OEMs and fleets are critically important. EFT can help you deliver a quality product, on-time and on-budget in this rapidly evolving supply chain.