Oil & Gas

Advanced Analytics

The concept of a digital oilfield or refinery is nothing new. In fact, oil and gas was arguably one of the first major industries to fully embrace the digital transformation movement in the late 1970s. Today, the landscape is extremely complex – wrought with legacy systems and a disparate, silo culture. With dozens of niche solutions available for both upstream and downstream operators, a lot of companies are not sure what to tackle first.

That’s where EFT's advanced analytics come in. Let us help you make sense of the chaos and drive value creation. Primarily focused on the physical assets and bottlenecks associated with downstream refining, the EFT solution is designed to ingest operational data in real-time, automatically establish thresholds for pre-event warnings and to pinpoint the root cause of said events. Ultimately, our insight will help you increase tower efficiency, heat exchanger optimization, flare prevention and personal safety.

Unlike other downstream solutions that simply parachute another data science platform into the mix, we bring the knowledge and expertise of our process team. We're providing our clients with the much-needed contextual knowledge base that is unmatched in today's marketplace. EFT is leading the way in worldwide, refinery-specific predictive solutions.