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Advance your operations. And your bottom line.

CORTEX™ is our inventive, disruptive platform that drives profit through increased production and decreased downtime. It takes your historical data, analyzes it, learns from past issues and pinpoints the causes. But that’s not all. CORTEX also uses machine learning and real-time visualization to provide predictive, descriptive and actionable insights that allow you to optimize your processes like never before.

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Get to know CORTEX.

CORTEX puts powerful data analytics tools in the hands of your subject matter experts. By pairing powerful algorithms with edge computing and a scalable cloud architecture, CORTEX enables your team to develop data science skills that pinpoint issues, predict solutions and optimize your operation’s full potential. Below are some platform features.

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Data Set Versatility

Upload a CSV file, an existing data set or pull data directly from your PI historian. We also have the expertise to build custom connectors to other historians if needed.

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Cleanse, Prep & Enrich

Load your data as-is and CORTEX will clean it, detect outliers, impute missing values, handle categorical variables and enrich your data with computed variables – producing high-quality models.

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EFT’s proprietary algorithm eliminates the need for you to hunt for the best model. MaGE builds a variety of models in the platform plus an optimized, ensemble model. Then it provides scores for all of them.

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Speedy Model Creation

CORTEX will create your model in minutes, no matter how much data you upload.

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Real-Time Monitor

See detailed, operational data in real time and be alerted to changes as they happen. Our alerts pinpoint the slightest change in variables so you know exactly what the issues are and when they occurred.

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What-If Analysis

Change variables and see how they would affect the probability of the model output. Compare and contrast with the current distribution to find the most efficient distribution.

Powerful and user-friendly.

CORTEX is our advanced analytics platform that drives profits by increasing operational efficiencies such as increased production and decreased downtime. Using machine learning and real-time visualization, CORTEX provides descriptive, predictive and actionable insights to optimize processes like never before.

PULL DATAfrom historian or CSV files. Build Models View Operations in Real Time What-if Analysis INPUT DATA into CORTEX to cleanse, prep and enrich data. MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS allow you to: ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS:Reduce downtime, optimize uptime, boost ROI
Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re an engineer, subject matter expert or in the process of choosing a SaaS platform, we’d love to talk to you about how EFT Analytics can transform your business.


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