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You can’t optimize what you can’t see.

Energy Manager gives you a crystal-clear picture of your energy data by delivering deep insights into your energy spending, consumption, and productivity. Let us help you take control of your energy consumption.

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Energy. Cost. Time. Save all three.

Energy Manager’s robust platform allows you to increase efficiencies and productivity by collecting data from numerous energy, production and business systems.

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Utility Efficiency

Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to understand utility consumption, power factor and usage patterns. Track or compare actual usage to forecast targets or budgets and understand key drivers.

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Define, create, manage and schedule the appropriate reports. Dashboarding will then quickly deliver pertinent, consumable information to the people who can act on it.

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Consumption Monitoring

View real-time consumption or totalized reports. Take enterprise-level snapshots or asset-level measurements. Access our reports and virtual tools to calculate and quickly optimize your energy consumption.

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Anomaly Detection

Configure alarms specific to your needs. Our data collecting, scrubbing and normalizing will give you the confidence to make good decisions without delay.

How Energy Manager works.

First pertinent raw data is gathered, ingested and verified. Then powerful tools allow you to plan, set and interact with your energy consumption regimen – saving both energy and money.

Optimize your energy footprint with data that drives decisions. Dashboarding Utility Efficiency ConsumptionMonitoring AnomalyDetection ProductionData Water, Gas, Electric Meters Data Ingestion with Outlier DetectionValidate, estimate and edit to ensure reliable data and remove spikes, bad data, errors, etc. Gather Data Weather Data

Energy management solutions in three clicks or less.

Energy Manager has been created and refined over five generations and is currently being utilized by hundreds of customers around the globe including Marriott, Pfizer and Citibank. Explore some of the categories that succeed with Energy Manager:

See what Energy Manager can do for your business.

See what Energy Manager can do for your business.

Whether you’re an engineer, subject matter expert or in the process of choosing a SaaS platform, we’d love to talk to you about how EFT Analytics can transform your business.

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