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Cortex demo

EFT's Cortex software pairs edge computing with a scalable cloud architecture forming a hybrid cloud-based, advanced analytics platform that puts the data into the hands of the subject matter expert – enabling them to be predictive and actionable in real time.

Machine learning transforming steel industry

EFT is collaborating with Big River Steel to deliver solutions to its steel industry veterans. The results – improved operations, safety, and profitability – are applicable across multiple industries.

Advanced analytics for process engineers

EFT is helping turn your process engineers into data scientists with our Advanced Analytics platform. Learn how we can collaborate with your team using existing and new data.

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EFT Data Extractor for OSIsoft® PI System®

Discover how the integration of OSI PI and EFT’s platforms allow you to maximize knowledge, connect quicker and create faster iteration of models.

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Addressing preventative maintenance

Downtime can be detrimental for any business. Learn how EFT can help you stop outages before they start.

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EFT data extractor for OSIsoft® PI System® demo

View the tutorial on our OSIsoft® PI System® Data Extractor.

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Our Advanced Analytics solution is offering plants in a wide variety of industries an opportunity to increase efficiencies, decrease downtime, and increase overall profitability.