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EFT's Data Extractor for OSIsoft® PI System® gives users the ability to connect to their Asset Framework PI server so they can import their PI Tags more efficiently. The user has the ability to create data sets and build models unlike ever before. This function drastically decreases the amount of time needed to import data from the PI system.

This extractor eliminates the need for individuals to go back to their PI Administrators or IT department to gain data controls. Process engineers are maximizing their knowledge and building models within minutes of importing their data. Through this integration, data has the capability of being analyzed within minutes.

Welcome to EFT Analytics' latest technology advancement. Our platform has always connected to many data sources, but this newly added purpose built connector to Osi PI provides shorter time to value for your organization. In this short video, you will see how simple it is to quickly convert your data into actionable insights.

This direct connector allows you to connect to your PI server so you can import your data faster and more efficiently. By logging into the platform, you'll be able to select which date ranges of data points you would like to view. You have the option to pull data from days, weeks, or even years in order to evaluate certain process anomalies. Several different types of analytical models are available. Once you select which type of model you would like to build from the selector screen, you'll be able to choose what type of scoring you would like to perform. Next, you're going to build a training set and select which variables you want incorporated into the model. EFT's integration with Osi PI allows for a quick and easy connection to your data. This powerful platform can decipher through tens of thousands of variables in less than minutes. There's no need to go back to your PI administrator or IT department to get controls. The data is available right at your fingertips, giving you the power to iterate through models that much faster.

Once your model is built, you can export the different relationships between the variables. The model itself will determine how they should be connected. Our software uses powerful algorithms based on probabilistic reasoning, support vector machines, decision trees, and deep learning to predict, optimize and create a deeper understanding of your process. In just minutes, you'll be building models, viewing your operations, and empowering your process engineers to uncover the solutions they have been searching for. What might have previously taken weeks is accomplished in just minutes.

EFT's powerful advanced analytics platform is giving your data a voice and turning it into industrial intelligence.

Thanks for your interest.