Ember™: A Smart Combustion Solution

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Ember, our innovative Smart Combustion™ virtual assistant, combines John Zink Hamworthy Combustion’s extensive expertise with EFT Analytics’ advanced digital technology to provide real-time recommendations to optimize burner and combustion system performance. Ember will help you maximize heater throughput, minimize fuel consumption, improve equipment reliability, reduce emissions and improve safety.

For more information on our Smart Combustion Solutions please visit www.smartcombustion.com.

Behind the scenes, Smart Combustion is pretty complex, but explaining Smart Combustion, well, that's simple. We leverage data through our digital combustion assistant, Ember, to provide information that will transform industrial combustion operations. These insights are seamlessly and securely integrated into every layer of your organization. Sounds easy, right? Let's look at a process heater for an example of how Smart Combustion can create value for your company.

First, we take data you're already capturing in OSI PI, Aspen IP-21, or other site historians. Then we can add other data sources such as offline data that has not been digitized, like individual burner on and off status, air register settings, and maintenance events and history. These parameters are critical for heater operation and optimization, yet they are rarely recorded. Chentronics diagnostics data from flame sensing or ignition device products ... There are significant amounts of data in these devices that can be used to gain more valuable insights, and ZoloSCAN laser measurements directly within the combustion zone that quantify temperature, oxygen, and CO for each path. These are true feedback measurements deployed in the areas that matter most.

All of this valuable data flows into Ember, where we leverage decades of combustion experience and deep expertise, world-class combustion CFD modeling capabilities, and cloud-based artificial intelligence technologies developed in collaboration with EFT Analytics, to process the available data and generate actionable instructions. So, how does Ember help you? Imagine knowing exactly what burner settings are required to simultaneously maximize heater throughput, minimize fuel consumption, improve equipment reliability, reduce emissions, and improve safety.

Imagine being alerted when burner gas tips are plugging, and specifically which burners require maintenance. Imagine smarter and safer combustion controls that can understand when common measurement devices drift out of calibration, and can adapt for the presence of leakage air. Imagine automatically adjusting each zone of combustion for changes in fuel composition, swings in weather, and other dynamic conditions that impact process performance at the local level. That's what Smart Combustion delivers, the right information to the right individuals in the right ways at the right time. With Smart Combustion, you can maximize the impact your operation teams have on the bottom line. Simple, right? That's smart. That's JZHC.

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