Predictive analytics software for manufacturing

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Predictive analytics are transforming industries across the board. EFT's CORTEX™ software allows manufacturing plants in numerous industrial settings to increase efficiencies, decrease downtime, and increase overall profitability. Learn how EFT’s CORTEX™ predictive analytics software allows manufacturing plants to use machine learning tools for process optimization and troubleshooting operational issues.

In today's competitive business world, operational excellence is essential to success. Now more than ever, data analytic solutions can provide pivotal process insight into your operations. EFT Analytics, a Koch Industries company provides advanced analytics solutions enhanced by the latest cloud based software. Over time, our software and coaching will help you develop local citizen data scientists, equipping your process engineers with EFT's powerful advanced analytics platform, so they can discover how variables interact and how those can be used to optimize plant operations.

By enabling subject matter experts to expand their capabilities to include data science, we provide them with the opportunity to solve complex industrial problems like never before. EFT delivers unmatched results by combining powerful, easy to use software, machine learning, real time visualization, and industrial expertise. By analyzing the historical data of your process plan operations, we're able to pinpoint past issues and their causes, allowing us to resolve problems that create costly downtime and increased production and profitability.

Our predictive models will give your operators time to take corrective actions and reduce or eliminate unplanned outages and optimize your processes. Costs can be reduced through our enhanced predictive preventive maintenance and our realtime dashboards can observe how efficient your process is. For example, improvements to product yield asset uptime and root cause analysis can all be easily achieved through live monitoring. EFT has a proven history of providing tailored solutions to hundreds of blue chip clients across the globe. Tomorrow's winners are transforming themselves using data. Own your tomorrow, give your business the added power of our advanced data analytics solution.

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