Machine learning transforming the steel industry

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EFT’s machine learning CORTEX™ software delivered predictive analytics solutions for Big River Steel’s manufacturing operations. The results – reduced quality defects, increased safety and profitably – are applicable across multiple industries.

Big River Steel is the most technologically advanced steel mill in the world. They have a lot of employees who've been in the steel industry for 20 or 30 years. We're helping them apply analytics to become more efficient, more productive, more profitable, and safer.

EFT Analytics is an analytics company that provides both software and services to help people solve some of their toughest challenges in industry. EFT is enabling what we call citizen data scientists. These are engineers or people who've been in the industry for years, and understand how the processes work. You're enabling those people to unlock answers in their data that they haven't been able to before.

I think that one of the things that EFT brings to the table is a capability to search for and identify correlations in what would otherwise be viewed as disparate data points. The human brain certainly has the capability of identifying and looking for correlations, but that ability pales in comparison to what the technology is able to do today.

The benefits that we're seeing in working alongside of EFT run a broad spectrum. First and foremost is improved operations. We also believe that we have improved safety. And then, of course, we've seen the benefits of improved profitability.

We're delivering solutions, not just to steel, but to a broad range of industries. We're able to take this software, point it at a lot of different problems, bring in people's knowledge, and use that to solve problems that they haven't been able to solve before.

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